Personal Columbarium What is a columbarium? It is simply a respectful and public way to store many cremation urns. A columbaruim is usually a large facility that has been established as a place for many families to share in a memorial. A personal Columbarium has only 2 private urn repositories or niches. It provides an alternative to scattering of the ashes or ground burials. This type of memorial provides a very dignified way to care for the cremated remains of your loved one. It also provides a method to personalize the memorial with a custom design. The sheltered alcove can hold a flower vase or statuary. These Columbariums are available in Gray and Black granite only.
Cremation Bench A cremation bench provides 2 core holes that allow us to place cremation urns within the monument. The shape of the stone itself lends very well to customizing a design on the front and/or back of the stone. Each family name is included on the edge of the bench. These cremation bench monuments are available in a variety of colors. View our color guide or contact us for more information.
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