Traditional Memorial Shapes and Sizes Your choice will depend on many factors, including the amount of words and graphics that you desire to have carved on the memorial, the cost of the granite, and the regulations imposed by your cemetery.
These memorials have a slight bevel to them and are placed above the ground on a cement foundation. The sides of these bevels are rock pitched.
These memorial markers are placed above the ground on a cement foundation. Artwork is carved on the slant face of the stone. The top of the memorial can be customized with a serpentine, oval, or flat design. The back and sides of this slant can be rock pitched or polished.
Slant markers can be placed on a granite base for a more distinguished look. they can also appear in a "Western" format where the face goes all the way down to the base.
The monument is the largest of the memorials. It stands above the ground on a proportioned base. The size and style allows for customized hand etchings, photo etchings, carved artwork, and other information to easily be displayed as a tribute to your loved ones life and accomplishments. You can choose 6 different styles for the top of a monument and 2 optional shapes for the sides of the monument:
A bench memorial can be used to identify family burial plots or used in conjunction with a family monument. Artwork can be carved into the seat and on the edge for "Parents of..." display.
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